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Our Story

The idea was simple: make it easy for men to buy custom dress shirts.

In October 2008 we launched the first version of propercloth.com. We were not an instant success. The first two years were particularly humble. We didn't come from fashion. We didn’t have fancy investors. We made a lot of mistakes. Our manufacturing was slow. Our selection was limited. Our website was confusing. And then there was the financial crisis...

But we stuck with it. Listened to our customers. Improved our systems. Became experts on shirts and fabrics. Photography and user interface. Supply chain and logistics. Our growth has been strong and steady, but we’ve kept our team small. We do all of our design and customer service from our showroom in Soho. We have (tens of) thousands of clients. We love what we do.

We’re competitive. We want to be the best in our category. Frankly, we believe we are. Considering fabrics, fit, service, speed and just overall value, we’re way ahead. But that’s not enough. We want to be the best that it’s possible to be. So, we’re always searching for better materials. Analyzing our customer service. Expanding our fit options. Refining our UX. We stay busy.

We’re very, very comfortable with technology. Technology is what enables us to streamline operations, reduce errors and deliver a better value. Technology helps power new and delightful customer experiences. We’re pioneers in 3d visualization, statistical size regression and personalized ecommerce. We look at the future of retail and see massive opportunities.

We aspire to build a leading menswear brand. This is about more than technical metrics. Style matters. Taste matters. The people that help you with your purchase matter. It’s the feeling you get when you touch our products or come to our showroom or browse our site. Our brand is driven by who we are. As designers, entrepreneurs, and as friends living and working in New York City. We stand behind our products. We take pride in what we do. We hope you will too.


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