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In response to a new Skype room I am in and one member asking a common question I get  ...

Julie? Pray tell, What is a Skype Coach? I'm sure I will be needing some guidance.>> Hi Charletta. Thank you for asking. While the room is still small it would be a good idea to gett to know each other and build a nice community in here. Don't you agree Lori and everyone?

My reply ...
[11:10:01 AM ] Julie Wolf - Skype Coach:
What is a Skype Coach?

I am.
I am the only Skype Coach I know of in the Universe. Smile

I teach Skype.

I got the name when many years ago people started calling me all kinds of things like Skype Mother, Skype Queen, Skype Master, Skype Guru, Skype Expert, etc... when I helped people with Skype, Skype rooms, Skype Networking, Lead generation , marketing, list building all with Skype and Skype Tools. Also Skype Safety and hack Recovery and so much more, chat history, commands, old versions, etc.

Some people ask, what is there to know about Skype? It is so easy?


However there is more to know about using Skype for Your buisness communication, collaboration and your networking.

To help you with Skype, I have :

  • My Membership site www.SeeYouOnSkype.com
  • My Skype Directory at www.Skypchat.net
  • YouTube channel with Play lists about Skype tools here
  • Skype Tips Newsletters here
  • Many Blogs about Skype...
  • Try Incomeassurance Blog here  or...
  • My most current Skype Articles on my Skype Directroy here.

Join SeeYouOnSkype to get all you can form your Skype accounts, to build business, Skype Lists, Skype Sales Funnels, Skype Versions Skype Room help, Skype networking, mastermind rooms to join, Skype Safety & hack Recovery, Skype Tool support and comparisons... and much more.  Read what you get while the beta discount is still available here.

The Skype Directory will help you and your Skype rooms get found on Skype. I will help you list this Skype room ... for a very small fee ;) ... only $1/mo or $12/yr to list a Skype room and free to list your Skype in the Skype person category. Featured listings scroll across always visable to visitors and cost just a bit more.

My Favortie Skype tools , now that Message magic ans Skyesponder are gone, are xSky and Seek&Send, both have training courses I developed and constantly improve on. I can help you with most any Skype tool, and some are free also.

That is a Skype Coach (me), how can I help you with Skype?
Please tell me more about You, Skype me, ok?


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