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Virtual Focused Marketing: Small & Medium Business Marketing Experts

Virtual Focused Marketing was formed for Small Business clients who want performance. Small Businesses who want and need programs, strategies, and a dedicated team that assists them in driving sales today while also building value for tomorrow.Small Businesses who don't just want to survive in today's tough business climate, but want to move forward. Small Businesses, who want results that are measurable, tangible, and highly cost-effective.

What VFM provides our clients:

Business clients want performance and need a good return on their investments. Our dedicated team of professionals create strategic programs that drive sales for your business today while building value for tomorrow.It’s not just about survival in today’s tough business climate… you want GROWTH.  You want results that are measurable, tangible, and highly cost-effective.  Virtual Focused Marketing possesses the strategic, creative and technical abilities necessary to deliver this kind of performance.Our proven, performance-based  marketing strategies and tactics start delivering results right now, while building profitable customer relationships which will generate real equity over time… time and time again.Whether it is multi-channel marketing programs or complete branding and marketing, our team has the skills and experience to make things happen for YOU by creating lasting marketing assets for your Small Business.

With us, your marketing dollars aren’t just an expense… they’re an investment.

Virtual Focused Marketing believes that in order to create a successful marketing and branding program, to make your  prospects’ journey from impression to sale, needs to be modeled and created in a flexible environment that facilitates rapid testing, measurement, and ongoing optimization.Our Branding Asset Reputation Solutions® (B.A.R.S.) is an all encompassing marketing which provides numerous online solutions tailored to SMBs and their budgetary constraints which includes services from Website Design and Development, SEO, SEM, SMM, Press Releases, Webinars and Reputation Marketing, to just mention a few of the included services.We also believe that success depends on an Experienced and Proven Leadership Team that truly understands and embraces the nuances of your Small Business environment, brand, products, customers, goals, and, most importantly, your vision of success.

Small and Medium sized business owners typically spend 95% of their time "IN" their business, rather than "ON" their business.

We solve this.

Our B.A.R.S.program allows the business owner to be able to monitor everything pertaining to their online presence through proprietary systems and years of experience and expertise in multiple disciplines, allowing owners to see a global view of their marketing and online presence in order to make intelligent, well informed and decisive business decisions that dramatically effect their ROI and bottom line.

Mission Statement:

 Our sole purpose, focus, and vision is to provide empowerment, inspiration, and success to other Small Businesses and business owners through the actions of daily life of professionalism, passion, energy, commitment and happiness. To make a positive impact on each and every person with whom We have the privilege to come into contact with. Our goals are to assist everyone in finding the belief, greatness within themselves and their business; to help them find the ability to achieve maximum potential, to obtain what they truly desire and deserve. They will have Our commitment in helping them unplug all that is holding them back from moving forward and never looking back, and Going From Good To Great.


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